Step 2: Make Actuator Arm

The rotational motion exerted at the bottom of a glue stick causes the glue to travel up a spiral rod and out the end of the cap. We are replacing the glue with a brass tube to make it sturdy enough to handle all that pet food.

1. Hot glue the tube into the small plastic cup from inside the glue stick. The hollow tube will fit neatly around the inner corkscrew of the glue stick.

2. Make four notches in the handle of the glue stick and fit them over the servo horn. Use hot glue to secure the connection. It is important to make sure the glue dries while the servo and glue stick are perfectly aligned. This will prevent wobbling.
About how much weight can this servo handle in a configuration like this?
Now for an automated kitty litter box (thats DIY of course)
Please make an instructable if you figure that one out!
Nice use of recycled materials, but my cat would DESTROY that.
I am blessed with a docile cat =)
lol <br> <br>
My cat would simply knock it down, then scratch it till she can access the food :)
Cool idea! This would be really useful if I didn't have a dog that would eat all the cat food.

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