Vacuum & Compressor





Introduction: Vacuum & Compressor

Simple vacuum pump for veneer pressing, board building. Also doubles as a low volume compressor for small airspray jobs. This is presented as a tool for building stuff, I've been using it for years and built it without documenting the process therefore its not really an 'instructable' but more of a general plan for creating the tool. All thats needed to put this together is a 1/2" wrench, some PTFE tape and parts from

Step 1: Pump

Step 2: Vacuum Bag

The vaccum chamber is made up from three PVC drain parts from my local hardware store. There's no special joints, every mates up edge to edge and I just glued it with model glue with melts the plastic together. I thought it might cave in when a vacuum is drawn but it holds up suprisingly well.

Step 3: Tank

Step 4: Some Examples



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    Is any possible to help me to create vacuum pump with air compressor ?

    But i have big compressor like your, can you help me ? (like sent me your skype or mail to contact you )

    Thank you in advance

    Hey, I have a very powerful compressor, do you think I could use it the way you did for a Vaccumformer?

    your mising the point in that there are no instructions as to how you actualy made the thing. though it looks like you just modified a vacuum pump...

    Let me know which particular part you'd like more details on and I'll spell it out.

    To me, pictures speak a thousand word, I'm very much a visual spacial person. I can pic up from these images what I need to get and put it together. In fact, there's little point in going in to specific details for the following very important reason. I salvage parts from bins and outher broken devices. Giving you detailed instruction on putting this together is of little use as you are unlikely to ever find the exact same parts.

    However, you will find most stuff needed to make the vacuum side of things here:

    Any questions, fire away, constructive critism.. bring it on.

    what type of pump did you use? Is it a 12v tire inflator? up to what pressure can it reach inside the tank? How long can you fill it up?

    Respectfully, I feel it would make a simpler instructable if you dealt only with the vacuum side of things. Better detail in how the connection to the vacuum bag would be appreciated. If one can't find a free volume tank,(what you labeled vacuum chamber, one can be built from PVC less expensively out of a length of pipe, and 2 pipe caps. Perhaps you had the pipe T on hand already I don't know. Anyone who has a car, has a vacuum source. Not as handy as a dedicated vacuum bench, but something to do the odd job. Those who's shop already has a good air compressor Harbor Freight sells a venturi type of vacuum pump. Some used an old refer compressor to build one with. S.

    Can this be used in the construction of high-performance solar panels? The kind of solar panels that calls for silicon and vaccums?