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Introduction: Make 100x's More Shaving Cream

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Shaving cream is placed into a vacuum chamber, then the vacuum is turned on. The chemicals are arranged such that there are many pockets of air trapped inside the shaving cream. The air pockets in shaving cream will expand in a vacuum. As the pressure gradually decreases the volume of the shaving cream get bigger and eventually fills the jar. This is a great example of Boyle's Law which shows an indirect relationship between pressure and volume.



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    Temperature also affects (a or e i can never remember which) it. freezing it and cutting open the can real fast, throwing it in someone's hot car makes a real mess!!!! Don't try that tho!

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    Reminds me of high school......we would leave cans of shaving cream in the freezer for a day or so until the contents froze solid.....take the frozen cans out and use a can opener to remove the bottom......leave the bottomless frozen can in someone's desk or drawer and walk away......when the contents thaw it expands to fill the area with mounds of shaving cream

    So you just freeze the can, then cut it open? I always assumed the can was preasurized. It wont explode?

    no,since the contents are frozen,they are compressed and as it thaws it expands as normal

    Nice! Looks so creamyish, I might want to do this, then throw it at people.

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    it doesn't stay that way. unless of course you were throwing it at them in a vacuum.

    astronauts start bringing shave cream to space and using it to fix the ozone layer.

    GorillazMiko says: "Can I borrow a spacesuit?"

    awww doesn't stay like that..... so much for never having to buy anymore

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    lol. never ending supply of shaving cream foaming out... *universe implodes*

    wooot universe is filled with nothing but....SHAVING CREAM!!!!!!!!!

    did i see and hear the shaving cream pop at the end?

    So is the foam useful as shaving cream after the vacumming?

    HAHAH mee to