Picture of Vacuum Cleaner Subwoofer (Subwoofer com Aspirador de po)
This was an old vacuum cleaner that I had here at home.I could not find the hose and original accessories and the machine was too noisy. It was sometimes used, replacing an air compressor in a drama where I had done the set design.
Was stopped since.
My goal was to turn it into a useful object again.


Este era um aspirador de pó antigo que eu tinha em casa. Não conseguia mais encontrar a mangueira e os acessórios originais e o motor era barulhento demais. Eu o usei algumas vezes, como substituto de um compressor de ar, para inflar um sofá, num espetáculo em que eu fui cenógrafo (Frio 36 e Meio).
Desde essa época ele esteve parado.
Meu objetivo era transformá-lo em algo útil de novo.

Step 1: Noisy (Barulhento)

Picture of Noisy (Barulhento)
The vacuum seemed to be quite efficient in generating noise. That's what gave me the idea to mount a speaker in the engine block.

The first step was to disassemble the vacuum cleaner, to remove the engine.


O aspirador era bastante eficiente no quesito geração de ruído. Foi isso o que me deu a idéia de montar um alto-falante no bloco do motor.

O primeiro passo era desmontar o aspirador, para remover o motor.
Pablo EP2 months ago

Enfia um tocador mp3 em algum lugar... pronto micro system

SérgioO14 months ago

Cara! Aproveita esse motor aí prá fazer gerador.

djairjr (author)  SérgioO14 months ago

Sérgio, o motor ficou sendo usado como esmeril por um bom tempo, mas terminei passando ele para frente.

helenroskil3 years ago
Great idea! I am used to a wood box, so how will the sound be as the speaker is inserted in a thin metal box? Will the metal be set in motion and give som additional sound? Should there be a thin layer of some sort of dead material (like gypsum) between the speaker and the metal casing?
Is the vacuumcleaner a big enough box?
rimar20005 years ago
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djairjr (author)  rimar20005 years ago
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Si' Que lastima!
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lloydrmc3 years ago
I love the concept. I also dig the bilingual text.

My guess is the speaker will sound better if you remove or bypass the capacitor. They are used on midranges and tweeters to block out frequencies that are too LOW for the driver to reproduce (a high pass filter).

What you want is a "choke", which looks like a big coil of wire, because it is. It acts as a low pass filter, blocking high frequencies, which will reduce IM distortion (essentially low frequencies chopping up higher frequencies).

Time was, one could go to RadioShack and pick up a choke, or a crossover, or even a replacement speaker. Alas, that is no longer the case.

Some surplus houses have crossovers and chokes, Or perhaps you could salvage one from junk a two-way or three-way speaker system.
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snotty5 years ago
It's beautiful! I really like the concept of recycling old industrial design into a new piece of art. Well done!
NachoMahma5 years ago
. Very interesting
Culturespy5 years ago