Introduction: Vacuum Extraction of Transmission Oil.

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Every year I replace the transmission oil in all our vehicles. It typically requires removing the drain plug and catching the old oil. This time however I am using my DIY vacuum powered liquid extractor.

Enough of going down low to perform this job! Arghh!

Step 1: The Vacuum Extractor.

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My latest tool for car maintenance! I made it from a water pump filter and an hvac vacuum pump.

Step 2: Preparing for Suction!

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I removed the dipstick and inserted the vinyl tubing as far down as I could.

Step 3: Extraction!

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I was truly impressed with my homemade extractor! In less than 15 seconds the jar filled! In all it took 2 emptying of the jar to complete the job. The valve on top the catch bottle I used to throttle how fast I was pulling the oil.

From the exhaust of the vacuum pump water vapor is seen misting out.

Step 4: Disposal!

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Pulling out the suction vinyl tube allows for easy pouring of the collected oil. I used an empty container to collect the oil. Now the job is done and I refilled the transmission with 2.5 quarts of oil!


kris256 (author)2016-10-10

That is clever.

Mjtrinihobby (author)kris2562016-10-11

Thank you!

Blackcloud161 (author)2016-10-03


This a great use for a tool in my garage that I seldom get to use except for AC repairs.

Yes! made me appreciate the vacuum pump even more!

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