Step 3: Secure Corners, Find Fold Line

Picture of Secure Corners, Find Fold Line
Apply a small bit of masking tape to the far corners of the bag. Keep tension with your straight edge while you pull the opposite side over and overlap with the bottom. Find the point where they meet and mark on the straight edge with a pen.
dmanske3 years ago
Thank you for taking the time to do this.

The sealant tape you are showing, looks like 'Butyl Tape'. I have a roll of it in my basement. It is available at any good building supply that sells metal roofing. Quality metal roofing companies (e.g. Everlast Roofing) require butyl tape during the installation along gable end edges between the rake flashing and the metal sheet. Just ask for butyl tape at a good building supply place. You may not have good luck at a big box store. Just a heads up.