Picture of Vader Gas Bottle Log Burner
2014 20:51.jpg
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Step 1: Find Some Bottle

Picture of Find Some Bottle
Locate an empty or nearly empty gas bottle. I used a hack saw to cut the tap off. Fill with water to displace any left over gas.

Step 2: Magic Marker

Picture of Magic Marker
Scribble on your design

Step 3: Any Old Iron

Picture of Any Old Iron
Find your scrap bits to use for the work in a school and we have loads of bits that are no longer any use for projects.

Step 4: Mock It Up

Picture of Mock It Up
I like to use making tape to hold my bits on place.
I marked out where the hinge would go, drilled and tapped with a 4mm tap and attached the hinge using 4x10mm machine screws. I find it easier drilling and tapping and attaching the hinge while the bottle is still intact.
All the holes and details in the bottle we're made using a 4" angle grinder with cutting discs and a 10mm drill bit.
I drilled several holes around the bottom of the bottle so air will circulate and help the fire to burn.

Step 5: Grind And Weld

Picture of Grind And Weld
2014 12:51.jpg
2014 12:51.jpg
I've been told there are two types of welders...ones that are good at welding and ones that are good at grinding...I'm a grinder...

Step 6: Paint

Picture of Paint
2014 12:51.jpg
2014 12:51.jpg
I gave my Vader 2 coats of ultra high temp black spray paint which finished it off a treat.
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doddieszoomer (author) 1 month ago

if you are interested in having one of these made please contact me on

kermitkills10 days ago

awesome work must try this at home as a grinder as well

AlanS11 month ago

There are no emission reduction features so the smoke and fumes will pose a threat to neighbors. Hopefully more municipalities will join Montreal and Hampstead (Canada) with measures to eliminate wood burning by 2020.

WTF you tree hugging hippy!!! Eliminate wood burning in the Garden? The Dark Lord of The Sith Laughs at your Prius Driving, Vegan, Non Wood Burning Nonsense.. OOOhhhh lets get more people to ban doing fun things, because I dont like too.. BOLLOCKS to that!

Pollution is a sick kind of fun. Wood stoves have an incredible ability to turn wood into toxic and carcinogenic chemicals. At present, the cost of each person's "fun" burning wood in a stove runs as high as $15,000 per wood stove per year to cover the increased health care costs. Assuming they are used in an urban area. I note that the San Francisco Bay area's burning ban saves the health care system $250,000 for EACH DAY of the ban. Lots of info on the internet Google wood stove pollution.

Pose a threat??? ITS FREAKING DARTH VADER!!! You pansies can choke on the "natural" fumes from burning wood.

What would you say was a suitable replacement for wood burning then? Would you consider burning wood "acceptable" if it was a clean burn (i.e. low smoke) I would rather have local, sustainable wood heating my home than a coal fire or gas heater. I do see the benefits of high-efficiency central electric heating, but unless there is a dire lack of trees or a massive health problem from the smoke, I don't think wood-burning should be banned. Mind, I'm in a rural area, not a city

Ian74 AlanS11 month ago
One word, Killjoy.
rushn_79 made it!20 days ago

Sweet! You inspired my son and I to make one, too.

xanad11 month ago

Price check on one! NOW!

doddieszoomer (author)  xanad11 month ago

Any chance you will make more of these for sale to the general public? We don't have (and don't plan on getting) welding equipment, but sure would like one of these.....

I'm going to keep making these bad boys and featuring them on eBay.

doddieszoomer (author) 1 month ago
Big bad's project, will be on eBay tomorrow PM after paint...
2014 18:28.jpg2014 18:28.jpg2014 18:28.jpg2014 18:28.jpg
doddieszoomer (author) 1 month ago
P.S. Please vote ;)
doddieszoomer (author) 1 month ago
Wow, guys I'm blown away by all the positive comments on means a lot...
For any body looking to purchase one of these, I have on for sale on eBay at the moment and another larger vader burner in production...thanks everyone...
antagonizer1 month ago

Very cool. I absolutely see Vader, but if you look at it head on it reminds me of the Mighty Ducks logo as well. lol. Don't knock your welding skills chum. From where I'm sitting they're above par.

Jack Moran1 month ago


byronic2 months ago
Awesome work might be worth adding a bit more on the safety aspect of working with gas cannisters

Actually, I think the best way to improve this site would be to spend less time talking about safety and more time assuming people that own welding equipment are intelligent adults that can make up thier own minds.

bhirsh byronic1 month ago

ok, how is is this for a safety tip: Make sure tank is EMPTY.......

Darthorso1 month ago

This is great!

You know, you're getting quite visible on Italian videogames and nerdy facebook pages! But NO ONE links to this page to give you credit for this great project... I'm trying to post the original link to this project when I see photos of your Vader Log Burner around the web :)

mrwolfe1 month ago

Now that is seriously cool!

Well done!!

orbit.al1 month ago
Wowzers! Best log burner ever. Am going to share the hell out of this.
poofrabbit1 month ago

Ok... I am OBCESSED with this!!! I wish I knew how to weld I would give this a try. I love love love the look when the fire is on. NICE work! Voted!

doddieszoomer (author) 1 month ago
rjohnston14 I think it's a 13kg bottle, I think most of our uk ones are 15kg which would also be good...
xanad1 I sold this one for £150...I'm going to make another next week and stick it on eBay for the duration, had over 30k likes on ladbible and over 28k on here...really happy with that...
KryptoTSD1 month ago

I have just GOT to have me a couple of THESE!!!!!!!

rjohnston141 month ago

Whats the size of the bottle. I cant seem to find a similar sized one in Australia

Tater Zoid1 month ago

I am inspired to build one myself. Great job.

kevenr171 month ago

Man this looks AWESOME!!! Great job, very creative! I am gonna start looking for an empty gas bottle ASAP! Also don't worry most welders are grinders....they may not admit it but they have all had a go around with a few grinding pads!!

Got my vote!!

Awesome mate!! Deserves to win!!

SoHa SMART1 month ago

VERY cool!

wonderbrett1 month ago
With the door open, Vader looks very happy.
patsheldon1 month ago

very nice work!

cbucci2 months ago

nice, i would buy one, make sure to post a pic of it light up.

doddieszoomer (author)  cbucci2 months ago
Its for sale on eBay right now...

Where did it go?

johnstat0002 months ago

Impressive. Most Impressive.

I guess I'm a grinder welder too!

Anything special about the chimney?

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