Vanilla Mocktail Float





Introduction: Vanilla Mocktail Float

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This is a simple and tasty party drink that I LOVE!!!

It is the way to get sweet and fizzy at the same time.

Step 1: Ingredients

You will need

2 1/2 cups Vanilla Ice Cream

1 cup Coca Cola or Root Beer


Step 2: Put, Put, Put, Put

Put the ice cream and the coke or root beer in the blender.

Step 3: Blend!


Step 4: ENJOY!

Enjoy this sweet and fizzy delicacy while I cross my fingers that you vote for it.

Thank you for your attention,




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     Looks delish! Fave'd 'n rated high! Good luck in the contest!

     Seriously? This is a blended root beer float.

    Is there something wrong with a blended root beer float?!?!?!

     hey, here in my place we call this "blackcow"... and.. yeah, it's so good and tasty... I love it! still we are in summer right now... so, hats like a glove in the hot days ;)

    how root beer is made?

    Usually on youtube they  would probably have guides.

     oh... I just read the wiki of root beer... basically it's sassafras with vanilla... hum.. not that hard to make... my dad usually drink a rum with sassafras leaves... it's strong as hell, but, have a nice smell, despite the alcohol, of course...

    ho...and... that heavy list of other herbs... that it's not crucial for the root beer, is? I mean, can be made of simply 2 or 3 herbs?

    thanks. I'll see it...

    you know... this isn't a beverage much knowed arround here... but I always had wish to proof XD

    anyway... thanks... and... I like mine with coffe ice cream \o/


    we speak arround


    WOW!!! I just cant believe BOTH of my instructables are winning! Thanks to everyone who commented and voted! Good luck everyone in the Cocktails Vs. Mocktails Contest!

    Is the Vainilla supposed to be a play on words or simply a typo?