Valentine Baby Afghan




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Introduction: Valentine Baby Afghan

I crocheted this using Lion Brand's Ocean Waves Baby Afghan pattern but with my own little twists to it. It's a little larger than the original pattern and I used Jiffy instead of Cotton-Ease. So my afghan is not really "ocean waves." I thought it would be the perfect valentine's day gift for my newborn cousin Violet. It worked up very quickly using Jiffy and its extremely soft. It worked up in only a few short days, but used a little more yarn that I had expected. It took a little more than 2 balls of 3 colors to make the afghan when I'd only expected to use 2 or less. I'd run out of yarn to do the border! I wanted the border shells to be red, but I did not want to run to the craft store twice in one day to pick up more yarn, so I did pink shells instead.



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    my grand mother used to make these but much bigger

    I love this.....

    Awe, that is so sweet. I wish I had a little girls to make cute stuff like that....I have all boys and so do my sisters so there isn't much pink in my knitting. You did a great job.

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    I kind of miss it now! I sent it off to my cousin in Canada and I wish I still had it to hug or something. It's about 28 X 36 so its too small for me but I liked it anyway. ;-) Make pink things for yourself!

    How nice. Your stuff always makes me happy, they're all so great. I hope to see more stuff! :-)