Valentine Book Bundles - Repurpose Old Books




Introduction: Valentine Book Bundles - Repurpose Old Books

Looking to add a little love to your home for Valentine’s Day? Mary from Orphans With MakeUp will show you how to make these adorable vintage-inspired book bundles with Vintage Cupcake and Vanilla Frosting that are perfect for the season! All of the paint products used in this tutorial can be found on our website at

Hello it’s Mary from Orphans With MakeUp. Styling with old outdated books is an inexpensive way to create pretty vignettes.

Step 1: Gather Old Books

For this project, simply gather a bunch of old books or pick some up at your local thrift shop. I chose some with hard covers and some with soft covers. I tore off the covers and spine from the books with the soft covers.

Step 2: Paint in Various Shades

I mixed up various shades of pink using the colours Vintage Cupcake and Vanilla Frosting. I then simply painted the fronts and backs of the books. I painted half the books with the different shades of the pink mix and the other half was painted white.

Step 3: Add Vintage Labels

I then printed out same labels with Valentine-themed names of books and glued them to the spine of some of the books. To age the labels a bit, I stained them with tea and burned the edges slightly.

Step 4: Bundle With Twine

I then tied up the book bundles with twine, and that’s it! I hope you enjoyed this simple easy Valentine decor. It would look great on a fireplace mantle.



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