Valentine Chocolate Strawberry Cake




Introduction: Valentine Chocolate Strawberry Cake

Valentine's day is approaching, a hand-made gift can absolutely say your love! Say your love easily with a chocolate strawberry cake!

Prepare material 

Sponge cake:
              5 eggs
              5.8 oz sugar
              3 oz flour
              1.8 oz corn flour
              1.2 oz butter melted
Frosting cream:
               3.8 cups of icing sugar ( you can have more if needed)
               1 cup of butter
               2 tbsp milk
Utensils:  mixer, pan, skewer, bowl, and two plates

Optional item:
sour cream

Step 1: Make a Sponge Cake

First, preheat oven to 350F, then prepare pan with Aluminum foil and put eggs into a bowl. Adding the ingredient for sponge cake together into the bowl and mix them with mixer until it about 5 mins.

Then we begin to make the chocolate flake on the surface of the cake. Just slice the chocolate slight ( shown in picture). When the sponge cake is ready, we can cut the cake into a heart shape and make a small heart with the rest of the cake.

Step 2: Frosting Cream

Add all the ingredients together in a bowl and mix them together. (If you have sour cream ready for use, just add sugar in for mixing). Then put frosting cream evenly on the cake.

Place the cake with cream on another plate for better appearance.

Then we can add the chocolate flake we made on the cake in order to hide the uneven surface of the frosting cream.

We will add some strawberries for decoration. Clean five strawberries and put them on table for drying. Melting the chocolate and dip strawberries into it. Put the strawberries on the cake and use the decorating bag to make lines on the strawberries and also the small heart on the side.

Finally, add some decorations on the side of the cake. THEN IT IS DONE!



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