These make perfect gifts for: That person who has everything, Outdoor enthusiasts, Wood stove owners, or ANYONE who enjoys summer BBQ's but doesn't like the hassle  of getting the grill going. They are very simple to make and require very few supplies. Who doesn't like, easy,thrifty, and practical gifts?

Step 1: Supplies

The quantities will vary depending on the size and number of starters you want to make.

For this project you will need:

*Some wax in any color you want. (recycled candles are perfect and inexpensive, and you can use a small piece of crayon to alter the color if you would like)

*Some paper shreds (I wanted mine to look nice so I bought Red shreds from a dollar store, but you can just as easily use some from home)

* Some tissue paper (you will need at least 1 sheet per fire starter you would like to make)

* A heart shaped cookie cutter or ice cube tray ( Any size will work but keep in mind small ones won't burn as long, and large ones require more wax. Mine is about 3" wide.)

* some wax paper to protect your counter top.

Rice cooker or double boiler to melt wax in.
Butter knife 

Brilliant! Such a great idea for my man- thank you!
I guess this could cause some heartburn. <br><br>Ba dum tss
Perfect for the nice cute boys where I live we need these!!!
Could use these when I'm hunting. Have to do a leaf shape or something with pine scented candles. Maybe use black and tan crayons to make camo ones. I think that my hunting buddies would make fun of the hearts!! lol Oh well......
excellent! No reason not to have good style with these things!
I Love fire starters of all kinds. Once I started using them I was hooked. I think that these could be romantic too because you could cuddle up In front of toasty fire together :)
If you're trying to be romantic with it, try using a scented candle as the wax base.

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