Step 3: Packaging

When you package your Fire Starters be sure that you include 1 sheet of tissue paper per starter.(The purpose for this is explained in the instructions for use) If you did several smaller ice cube sized ones you can include maybe 1 sheet per 3 small starters etc.

TIP: If you want to conserve room. Don't unfold the tissue paper leave it neatly folded then fold them down to a more manageable size.  

You can bundle them into a nice tin or a decorative bag, and include a card with a clever/ corny saying. 

Here are a few:

"Your just a hunk, a hunk, of burning love."
"You warm my heart."
"You set my heart a blaze."
"Let's keep our romance/ friendship kindled"
"Let's heat things up"
"It may be cold outside, but when your around I'm always warm" 


If the recipient has never used fire starters before you'll want to include instructions for use as well. (see next step)

Brilliant! Such a great idea for my man- thank you!
I guess this could cause some heartburn. <br><br>Ba dum tss
Perfect for the nice cute boys where I live we need these!!!
Could use these when I'm hunting. Have to do a leaf shape or something with pine scented candles. Maybe use black and tan crayons to make camo ones. I think that my hunting buddies would make fun of the hearts!! lol Oh well......
That's pretty cool. I wonder if you could use dry ice to achieve the same effect? That may be easier to clean up.
excellent! No reason not to have good style with these things!
I Love fire starters of all kinds. Once I started using them I was hooked. I think that these could be romantic too because you could cuddle up In front of toasty fire together :)
If you're trying to be romantic with it, try using a scented candle as the wax base.

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