Picture of Valentine Heart Shape Cupcake With A Kiss
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Easy step by step way to make  delicious Valentine Heart Cupcake With A Kiss.
The surprise kiss is inside each cupcake.

Cake mix or favorite cake recipe - Mix batter per instructions on box or recipe.
Cupcake tin
Cupcake papers (liners)
Marbles (regular glass marbles)
Icing (pre-made "store bought" or favorite recipe)
Chocolate Candy Kisses (with almonds - op)
Plastic Sandwich bag (or similar) for pastry bag
Red Food Color (op) paste or liquid
Message Sweet Heart Candies (op) or other decorations for tops (op)

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Step 1: Supplies Are Ready

Put  liners into cupcake tins set aside.

Gather ingredients for batter, such as box mix,  eggs, water,  oil etc....

Follow directions on box mix or recipe.

Have marbles ready to put into tins.

Step 2: Mixing Batter

Mix batter according  to box directions or recipe.

Scoop spoon fulls of batter into each cupcake slot, fill about 2/3 full,
Do not over fill.
If  it is too full the cupcakes will not have a heart shape.

To make the heart shape place the marble between the liner and tin. 

Note: I found that  putting  the marble in  after the batter worked better for me.

mogombotps5 years ago
Weren't there meart-shaped cupcakes last year that used marbles for baking?
walkerbarb (author) 5 years ago
Thanks,  kisses for all!...
ChrysN5 years ago
Yummy!  The chocolate kisses are a nice touch.