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Hey Instructables! This project is called the Valentine Love Cup. I know it's past Valentine's Day, but that no excuse not to show your affection! There are two parts to this project. Part One (steps 1-5) consists of how to make your Compliment Confetti. Part Two (steps 6-8) consists of putting the actual cup together and labeling the cup. This project is great to express your love to someone.

Step 1: (Part One) Gather Materials

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For this instructable, you will need:

  • colored paper
  • scissors
  • a pen
  • a cup
(the pen and cup are not shown in the picture because the cup may differ and the pen doesn't matter)

Step 2: Folding

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Fold a piece of the colored paper in half like shown. Make sure that you folded the paper the wide way.

Step 3: Cutting 1

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Cut the paper in half down the line that you folded. Make the cut as straight as possible for neatness. Do NOT make the dotted line on the paper!

Step 4: Cutting 2

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Overlap the two pieces evenly. Do not repeat my method of overlapping the paper as a diagonal, for it was just a demonstration to show that there were two pieces of paper. Now, cut the pieces into strips. The strips should be 1/2 to 3/4 inch wide and about 5 1/2 inches long.

Step 5: Holding the Scissors and Making the Confetti

Picture of Holding the Scissors and Making the Confetti
This is the hardest part. Read the directionscarefully.
  1. Open the scissors all the way up.
  2. Hold the scissors to where the paper is in between your thumb and one of the blades. (if your fingers are on the handles, you are holding the scissors wrong)
  3. Make sure that the blade and your thumb are in the middle of the strip of paper.
  4. Do not hold the paper too tight, or it will rip when you pull it.
  5. Pull the paper to the side, and it should have a curl on one side, and a straight edge on the other. Do NOT curl the straight edge.
  6. Do this with the rest of your strips. I recommend making 9 or 10.

Step 6: (Part Two) Compliment

Picture of (Part Two) Compliment

On each of the Compliment Confetti that you made, write, well, compliments! Make them positive and sweet, like shown above.

Step 7: Last Step: Put the Strips In

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Put the strips in the cup aforesaid. It doesn't matter what cup you use, just don't make it too large. A shot glass would work the best. Making sure that the compliments face the outside, stick the confetti in and let the curls stick out. Give it to that special someone!

Step 8: Extra Ideas

You can do other things to glam your cup up, such as:

  • Adding glitter and sequins.
  • Filling the cup up with conversation hearts.
  • (if you have a big enough cup) Put a cupcake, with the wrapper, in the top, making sure that the frosting is sticking out.


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