Time to make your nails pretty for Valentine's Day!

  • 2 Colors of Nail Polish
  • Nail Dotters or something similar you can work with
  • Clear Coat

Colors I Used:
  • Red: Red Red Wet n Wild - Wild Shine # 414A
  • Pink: Tickled Pink Wet n Wild - Wild Shine # 402
  • Put down your base coat.  I did red for all the fingers except I did pink on the ring finger.
  • Let it dry.
  • Like, really, let it dry.  If it is in any way soft, the dotters will tear it and the colors will smear, especially with light on dark.
  • Once the base is dry, decide how many hearts you want.  I went for three on each finger tip.
  • Make two dots for the top humps of the heart, dip and get more nail polish and make a "V" between the hearts.  Repeat many times. (Make sure the dots aren't too close together or too far away.  You can practice on paper to see how it turns out.)  Also, I used the second smallest tip from my dotters.  The smallest had no ball on the end.
  • Let dry and top with a clear coat.
Ahhhh so cute!! Check out my nail art! <br/>--moskiii13
Very cute and such an easy way to create hearts! Thought you used a stencil at first but brilliant tip :D <br>
do you do zebra if so check out my zebra nail art contest and its awsome prize.look up zebra nail art contest on fourm topics
It sounds so easy... but.... I let you know if I managed
I tried it, it really works... thank you!
Yes! Always nice to know when my directions are followable :)
Cute nail design. I wish I had better nails.
Oh, me too! My left hand nails have been surprisingly nice and haven't been breaking for once. But you should see my right hand! There is a reason I hid it from the photos :)
Adorable! I know what I'm doing with my daughter for Valentine's day now! :)
Yay :)

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