Picture of Valentine Paper Clay LOVE BUG Treat Box!!
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Coming up with something unique for Valentines Day can be a challenge.  

 I needed a way to "wrap" two concert tickets, and the usual gift cards and holders were so generic, so I came up with the "Love Bug Box" and buried the tickets in the candy!

It's a cute little paper mache' box, that you can stuff with numerous treats for your special someone!

Step 1: Supply List

Picture of Supply List
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Box with a lid, I used a paper mache' box with a tin lid
Scrap book paper to cover the box
Red Marker
Heart Stickers
Paper Clay
Acrylic Paint- red, pink, black and off white
Wire for the antennas and wings
White glue
Styrofoam balls- 2' and 1 1/2"
Clay tools 

jmdushi1 year ago
this box is so cute, you should make a hug bug too he is adorable :)
ryeomans1 (author)  jmdushi1 year ago
Thank you for the nice comment! A Hug Bug Box.......
a great idea for next year for sure!!!