Picture of Valentine Paper Clay LOVE BUG Treat Box!!
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Coming up with something unique for Valentines Day can be a challenge.  

 I needed a way to "wrap" two concert tickets, and the usual gift cards and holders were so generic, so I came up with the "Love Bug Box" and buried the tickets in the candy!

It's a cute little paper mache' box, that you can stuff with numerous treats for your special someone!
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Step 1: Supply List

Picture of Supply List
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Box with a lid, I used a paper mache' box with a tin lid
Scrap book paper to cover the box
Red Marker
Heart Stickers
Paper Clay
Acrylic Paint- red, pink, black and off white
Wire for the antennas and wings
White glue
Styrofoam balls- 2' and 1 1/2"
Clay tools 

Step 2: Making your LOVE BUG'S Head

Picture of Making your LOVE BUG'S Head
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Start with the smaller size Styrofoam ball.  I coat the ball with white glue to help the paper clay adhere better. Take a piece of paper clay and semi flatten it out in your hands then press into the styrofoam ball.  Repeat this process until the entire ball is covered.  Roll three smaller balls which will be the forehead & cheeks.  Mold these three balls into the main ball as seen in the last two photos. Place a toothpick into the bottom of the head to help adjoin to the body.

Step 3: LOVE BUG Beginning the Body

Picture of LOVE BUG Beginning the Body
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Take your larger styrofoam ball and press it onto a flat surface creating a flat spot on the ball, as seen in photo one.

Next roll it on the hard surface, squishing the sides together until it has a teardrop shape, as in photo two.

Add a little glue onto the flat spot then attach the head, inserting the toothpick into the body portion- photo four.

Roll a small ball for the nose and three coils for the hair.

Place the nose and coils onto the head and smooth, smoosh and mold to the head. Making two nostrils with a sharp tool or toothpick.

Add a mouth with a sharp tool.

At this point insert two long skewers into the bottom of the body and set aside to dry a little.
jmdushi1 year ago
this box is so cute, you should make a hug bug too he is adorable :)
ryeomans1 (author)  jmdushi1 year ago
Thank you for the nice comment! A Hug Bug Box.......
a great idea for next year for sure!!!