Valentine Snowman


Introduction: Valentine Snowman

About: Love the Florida weather. Lived in CT. for 8 years. Am an R.N. fulltime but my passion is crafting --toys, decor, costumes and inventing crafts to teach to women of all ages.Wish I could craft all day but......

My LinkEasy and Fun! craft made from a tube sock, rice(uncooked), trims and a glue gun. Very cheap way to "share the love" of the season



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    that was soo cool it looks like the real thing! how do u come up with these things

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    This was a craft I learned from the girl scouts many years ago. It can be used to make a variety of animals or dolls depending how you decorate them! Be creative!

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    This one is a very sweetie cutie snowman and look gr8, thanks for sharing

    This is one cute snowman/lady. Great idea with using rice for the filler. I'd like to try it with baby socks...wouldn't that be cute. I like things in miniature. Thanks for sharing.

    This is so cute! Great video, Nice and clear!

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    That's cute! I look forward to possibly trying it out, they're so cute! Nice job!