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Introduction: Valentine, You're One in a MINION!

The children will enjoy handing out these Despicable Me minion cookie valentines!  They are quick and easy to make, too!  I saw a variation of this on the internet somewhere, so it is not my original idea.  You can change yours up however you want also!  After all, they are meant to be one in a 'minion'!

You will need Milano cookies, black icing for the eye strap and mouth, blue icing for the clothing, candy eyes or Sweet Tarts, small bags to put them in if you want to wrap them individually, stapler, and cardstock paper for the tag.

Start by making straps for the eyes with the black icing, and then put one of the candy eyes in it. (I didn't have much luck with the can of black icing, the tip was too wide.  I ended up putting all of the black icing into an actual icing bag with small round tip.  They turned out much neater by doing this.  You might not have the same problem as I did, but that is what I had to do.) Then, draw the mouth.  Next, use the blue icing for the clothing. 

Let all of that sit for an hour or so, until the icing has hardened enough to put your minions into the bag.  Seal each bag, and then fold your paper tag in half.  Staple that to the top and you are done!  (I did use a computer and printer to make the tags, but it isn't necessary.)



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Wow these are amazing!! Thank you NErDy NErDs

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I'm glad you liked them! Thanks :)

Thank you, I found a version of these on the internet somewhere and I thought they looked fun. I don't know who came up with the original idea, but they are clever! The kids loved them when we took them to a Valentine Party.

Thank you! They were fun to make, too!

This is such a cute idea!!!!

What a neat gift! Thanks for sharing and do have a splendorous day!

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Thank you for the kind words! :)

How cute is that? What a clever idea!