Introduction: Valentine Crafts – the Gift of Love DIY23

Valentine ideas

Step 1: Prepare the Materials:

Step 2:

Fold the orange cord in half. Tie a double connection knot about 1 cm down from the top. Click here to see how to make a double connection knot.

Step 3:

Start braiding your bracelet by using the double coin knot and then thread two natural green jade jadeite beads. Click here to see how to make the double coin knot.

Step 4:

Continue braiding your bracelet with Two complete double coin knots

Step 5:

Thread two natural green jade jadeite beads and tie two double coin knots.

Step 6:

Repeat the same step 4.

Step 7:

Thread the Jadeite spacer beads on the end of cords. Then tie an overhand knot. Make sure the knot is larger than the bead so that it will never be slipped out of the cords.

Step 8:

Trim off the excess strings and burn the tail of cords.

Step 9:

Done it!