Picture of Valentine heart
Two layered perspex heart with a light source inside it, to signify your burning love.
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Step 1: The pattern

Picture of The pattern
First, you need a pattern for the heart. Draw half a heart on the left half of a sheet of paper, then darken it with a soft pencil.

Fold and rub along the line so that the carbon from the pencil lead transfers to the other side. This gives you a symmetrical heart.

Darken the faint outline, too, so that it is easily visible. Make any corrections as needed.

Now you have the paper pattern for the heart.

Step 2: The plastic

Picture of The plastic
Now stick this paper pattern to your chosen plastic material. I used transparent perspex 4mm thick. It comes covered on both sides with brown paper.

Make rough cuts to approximately match the lines of your pattern, then remove material closer (or on the line) on a second pass. If you have a jigsaw you might be able to do it in one pass, but I was using a standard hack saw.

Then use a rough file or rasp to remove more material and smoothen the edges. Then use this as a pattern to make a copy on the second sheet of plastic: I used a sheet of opaque red perspex 3mm thick.

So there should be two sheets of plastic, each cut in the shape of a heart.
mastelios7 years ago
nak8 years ago
My mom works for freescale Just FYI :P
tim_n8 years ago
Opaque plastic would diffuse the light making it look more glowy - but nice! = )

You could always etch it to produce a more defused look or even etch a valentines card message onto the heart.