Introduction: Valentine Lighting Ping Pong Heart

Picture of Valentine Lighting Ping Pong Heart

BE my valentine!!!!! such a magical day where everybody fall in love!!! :s

Thank you commercials!!!

I did this light sculpture with ping pong balls and red led!!

Step 1: Stick Ping Pong Balls

Picture of Stick Ping Pong Balls

You need to begin by the shape so the heart.
Stick ping pong balls is easy, it needs to be patient but it dries fast.

Step 2: LED Circuit

Picture of LED Circuit

I used domino to create circuit because I hadn't any iron solder!!!

I sticked leds with glue!!!

Enjoy to do it for your love or not !!!! ;)

Step 3: Finally

Picture of Finally

I don't put a led in each ping pong balls because I hadn't enough red leds and no iron solder!!!

Enjoy this instructables!!!

More coming soon!!!

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Bio: I enjoy using my hands to create something and then share it!!!!!
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