I had a Picaxe  18m2 project board and wanted to learn more about this microprocessor.  So I created this robot which is programmed to drop candy kisses , stored in a Valentine candy box ,  in  the pattern of a valentine heart.  

Below is a video of it working with the cover on the candy box off so as to better see the candy movement.   I still need to do some tweeking of the code to get a better looking heart but it is not too bad now

Also follows a better video showing the servos processing the candy.


Step 1: Get Stuff

The components I used are:

- Picaxe  18M2 Project board - from Sparkfun - about 23.00
- 2 motors wheel combination -  GM2 motor with wheel - Solarbotics sells for about 10.00 for each wheel/.motor
- a swivel castor wheel from Home Depot - 2.00
- a piece of 8 inch shelf board for the platform - 
- 2 servos - Hextronic - Hxt900 - I had but I would say they cost about 5.00 each  
- a box of Valentine Candy - 10.00
- a SN75441 motor control IC - I had but about 2.00
- misc wires . PCB, small pieces of scrap wood , hot glue, headers , zip ties
- 7 double A batteries 
- a DPDT switch - Radio Shack
- battery holders - from Radio Shack 
- most importantly - a bag of Hersey Candy Kisses.

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Bio: Retired Math teacher who needs a hobby! So I tinker with stuff: Arduino, welding, my 1958 TR-3 , my tennis serve
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