We have been having problems with school hot lunch. One problem is I don’t know how much my child eats. Another problem is I don’t know what she eats (such as staying away from vegetables when I’m not watching). Feeding my family and keeping them as healthy as possible is one of my top responsibilities. To solve the problems, I had to do away with school hot lunch and keep an eye on recipes of food that my child can take to school and will actually eat. When I stumped on scoochmaroo’s Pie Pops, I knew I must try it. What I didn’t know is years have passed before I finally tried it for this Valentine school cold lunch for my child. So this is an extension and adaptation to scoochmaroo’s original Instructables.

As a family we don't do Valentine cards, flowers, or big celebrations, so having heart pie pops in lunch box might made the biggest Valentine Day in my daughter's life. (One good thing of living a life with low-raised bars I guess, no expectation, no disappointment).

I tried several fillings and decided on 4 fillings to use often interchangeably or to make each pie pop have different filling, which hopefully makes the heart pie pops more lunch-able. 

To make these pie pops, I started with my favorite and easiest filling: (store bought) red bean paste. So you’ll need:
1 9” Pie crust (store bought)
1 Can of red bean paste
1 4” by 4” heart cookie cutter
1 Egg
6 Lollipop sticks      
Cookie sheet
Rolling pin

Step 1: Roll Out Pie Crust

Preheat oven to 375 F.
 Roll the pie crust thin and large enough to cut out 9 hearts. Knead the cut out scrap together and roll it thin to cut 1 more hearts. So one 9” stored bought pie crust will make 5 hearts.
Fantastic, I love them! <br />
I'm flattered to know you love them. Thanks for taking time to comment.
ooo these look yummmy!
Thanks. I think they are. My child loves them.
That is a very good idea, to fill them with salty fillings. I made them a while ago with apple filling and jam. Thank you for sharing!

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