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Introduction: Valentine's Bellini and Chocolate Fondue

Check out my Bellini and Chocolate fondue recipe! It’s perfect for someone looking to do something a little special for their sweetheart this year! It’s also real simple!

Strawberry Bellini

  • 4-6 strawberries (stems cut and cleaned)
  • 1 Tablespoon sugar
  • ½ teaspoon of orange zest
  • 1 bottle of champagne (dry)

In a mini food processor or blender add the strawberries, orange zest and sugar. Blend them until it comes to a thick puree.

In the champagne flutes add a tablespoon of the strawberry puree and top off with the champagne! Garnish with a strawberry and toast! Enjoy!


Chocolate Fondue

  • 1 (7oz) container of dipping chocolate
  • 1-2 Tablespoons of Nutella
  • ¼ cup chopped nuts
  • Plate full of goodies!

Strawberries, bananas, kiwi, pineapple, apples, marshmallows, jalapenos, pretzels, cheesecake, pound cake, and cookies. Let your mind run wild and dip whatever you like in the chocolate.

In your fondue pot turn it on or light the candle. Place the container of chocolate in the upper pot with the nutella. Let the chocolate melt, stir occasionally until everything becomes melted and ready to dip. Have fun and Enjoy!



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