Introduction: Candle Makeovers for Valentine's Day

Makeover dollar store candles with chalky finish paint and glitter for your Valentine's Day decorating!

Step 1: Watch the Short Video Tutorial Here!

Step 2: You'll Need

Americana Decor Chalky Finish in Romance and Innocence

Tapered and/or regular candles

Fine gold glitter

White glue

Self stick labels

Hole punch



Step 3: Paint and Cut

Paint the candles with chalky finish and let dry

Trace and cut hearts from the self stick labels

Glue them face down to the candles and let dry

Peel off the protective backing to expose the label adhesive

Roll in glitter and brush off excess

Step 4: Glue and Glitterize!

For polka dots, use a hole punch

Glue the dots face down to the candles and let dry

Peel off the backing

Roll in glitter and brush off excess

For the tapers, paint stripes with white glue and sprinkle with glitter



These are so cute! Can you still light the candles with the paint on them?


Yup! The bigger candles look better and hold their shape as they melt. The tapers are nice, but not as nice when they melt.


Good to know!

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