Valentines Day Cards: Show 'em Where to Shove 'em





Introduction: Valentines Day Cards: Show 'em Where to Shove 'em

Hmph. Valentines day is here again. Time to go into deep depression. I know, lets celebrate loneliness together. Schools and offices share cards, "You are a great friend", "Super Teacher!!!", and "Be Mine". You can shove those cards right up my... um, well, you know.

Basically, it's a valentine holder (some schools do this on valentines day), where you put the cards inside the butt.

Step 1: Gather Materials

All you need for this Valentine's day card holder is some appropriately colored paper, I used yellow for flesh, blue for the shirt, green for the pants, and black for the shoes. You will also want a pair of scissors and some glue (stick or elmers).

Step 2: Make Your Butt.

Sketch out a butt shape with legs and torso on yellow paper. It doesn't have to be perfect.

After cutting one butt-shape out, put it back on some more yellow paper and make a second one.

Glue them together, one on top of the other, but slide one of the butt pieces down about half a centimeter. Only glue the torso and legs, DO NOT GLUE THE BUTT!!!!

Step 3: Cut Out Some Pants.

Using the color of your choice, trace the legs of your person, and cut out the result. This will be your pants.

Step 4: Cut Out Your Shirt.

Trace the torso of the person onto a color of your choice. Add sleeves to the trace, then cut out the result. This is your shirt.

Step 5: Cut Out Some Shoes.

Make an oval on some paper that look like appropriately sized for a shoe. Cut it out. This will be one shoe. Trace it a second time for a second shoe.

Step 6: Cut Out a Head.

Cut out a reasonably sized head for your body. I used a cup to trace around.

Step 7: Cut Out Some Hands.

Make two small circles for the hands.

Step 8: Glue It All Together.

Glue the pants, shirt, shoes, head, and hands on the body.

Step 9: Add Detail.

Add some eyes, a line in the pants, shoelaces, a mouth, hair (if you want it).

Step 10: Vioala! You Have a Valentine Card Holder.

Add your name and your project is complete.

I would like to thank Ross for coming up with the project (I saw his and thought, Valentine's day contest!!!)



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    LOL!!! I tried sticking a Valentines card up my butt once.It got stuck.

    8 replies

    I was out of toilet paper

    Heh, I want to do this for junk mail, and make my person look like a postie... Wonder what they would make of that? Being the UK, I would probably get sued!

    2 replies

    Feel lucky you don't live where they have Homeland Security. Lawsuit would be least of worries...maybe if you had candy coming OUT of butt first...

     I suggest chocolates.

    Wow.Great card to use anytime.

    I'm making one for my boyfriend. Thank you! :)

    Ha ha. I wonder what a teacher would think if a 5 year old kid took this to school for the Valentine's exchange...

    2 replies

     "We need to talk to your parents."

    Ha ha. I can see a really strict teacher going into shock.