Make a Valentine Cootie Catcher! Very Fun and Makes a Great Gift!

Step 1: Print Cootie Catcher

Print and cut out cootie Catcher.
Image cand be found here: https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/236x/a2/34/2b/a2342b90ca1d37f4a73c70209d452b2b.jpg

Step 2: Fold in Half

Fold cootie Catcher in half.

Step 3: Fold Corners Inward

Fold corners towards the white side of the paper.

Step 4: Fold Cootie Catcher Corners Back

Step 5: Fold in Half

Fold Cootie Catcher in half.

Step 6: Finish Cootie Catcher

Put fingers in the holes and play!
<p>That's cute :)</p>

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