Here is an ible to build a cheese or cutting board as a valentines day present. This was built with left over pieces of hard wood. You can substitute with other woods


The material here is for a board that is 14 inches by 4 1/4 inches

- Hardwoods used - All are 18 inches long and 7/8 inches thick
- Yellow heart 3 pcs of 3/4,3/8 and 7/16 wide
- Purple heart 2 pcs of 1 3/8 and 1/4 inch
- walnut 3 pcs total two of 1/4 and  one 7/16
- food safe wood glue

planer - I have a 12 inch power plane
sanding discs, 100,180, 220 grit
mineral oil
1  inch mortising bit or hole saw
drill press
computer with printer
plunge router with 1/4 inch round bit

Step 1: Building the Board

Cut the wood strips that you want to glue together and build a cutting board by gluing the pcs together in the form that you are looking for. I wont go through too much detail for this step and some of these pics are for illustration only as there are a lot of other ible's that talk about how to get to this stage. i.e. building a cutting board.

A couple of things about building the board. I prefer to use a bandsaw rather than a table saw as I feel more comfortable using it and I can cut long strips of 1/16 inch with only sacrificing 1/16 inch of kerf. This needs a lot of practice and a good fence and a proper tune up of the saw. The table saw I have doesn't feel safe to me... ok I'm being a woos :-)

The board I built was lateral grain as opposed to an edge grain. The reason is that cutting an insert (like a heart) into a lateral grain board is much cleaner and probably easier as well. Also, depending on how good your power planer is you may get away with much less sanding if you use the lateral grain pieces.

I love the yellow heart but the purple heart will go brown over time if exposed to light. So keep the board in a closed place.


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