Here's a quick and easy craft project for a super cute heart felt garland, to show your heart felt love on Valentines Day!

Step 1:

To make a garland of 12 hearts:

1 - You will need a 12inch square of craft felt, 22 small felt balls, 10 larger felt balls. Also a sewing machine, thread and a large hand sewing needle.

2 - Measure and cut 2 strips 12" x 3" (30cm x 8cm)

3 - Mark the width of your hearts on both pieces of fabric. 1" (2.5cm).

4 - Place the maked sides of the fabric together and sew a narrow seam along one long edge
That is sooo cute
I love the pictures! and of course the adorable little hearts! Thanks for sharing and have a splendorous day! <br>Sunshiine
Aw thank you, I've been trying to make my tutorial pics clearer so that's goo to hear :-) x
Beautiful work... This garland is adorable!
Thank you for yur lovely comment :-)
Ahh, so cute! Do you remember where you got those felt balls?
Aw thank you :-) I bought them from Ebay in the UK, if you do a search for 'felt balls' there are lots of sellers worldwide.

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