Make fun and simple glitter tattoo designs perfect for Valentine's Day and any time when you want to add some extra love into your face painting gig!

Step 1: Materials

For most glitter tattoos, you will need several glitter colors, alcohol pads, body adhesive, a small glitter application brush, and a larger brush for cleaning off your excess glitter. You will also need some love themed glitter tattoos. I've bought mine from AI Friedman for only $1.39!

Step 2: Watch This!

You can watch the video tutorial here or on YouTube using the following link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5l0wSMawlFo

Once you've watched the video, go ahead and create your own Valentine themed body art!

<p>Glitter tattoos, how original, they deserve a special name then, how about &quot;Glats&quot;? ☺</p>

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