Introduction: Valentine's Day Handmade Card - Easy DIY

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Step 1: Supplies

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8 1/2 x 11 Card stock paper

2x4 Color paper stripes





Step 2: 1

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Draw heart shape as shown on the video

Step 3: 2

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Cut the heart shape.

Step 4: 3

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Draw the hearts and cut them.

Step 5: 4

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Cut the card stock paper to 5x8 inches.

Step 6: 5

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Fold the paper in half.

Step 7: 6

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Glue the hearts as shown on the video


kewrw28 (author)2016-01-17

Great ANY day card. Thank you!

fixitsamo (author)kewrw282016-01-18

Thank you :)

rflowers2 (author)2016-01-17

very cute :-) Thank you for sharing :-)

fixitsamo (author)rflowers22016-01-18

Thank you :)

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