Valentine's Day Heart (Contest Entry)



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Introduction: Valentine's Day Heart (Contest Entry)

About: Hi, my name is Balint (pronounced Bar - lint) Please visit free rider 2 on trackmill, and look at my tracks. Go on search tracks, and type in balint on search user. REAT TENN ORR EYE WIL HAF TO KIL U

This is my 2nd valentine's day heart but this one will enter the competition, unlike my other one. It is exactly the same as the other one but please vote when the time comes!!



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    I know. i just got bored and decided to type it in. I didn't know i couldn't change it back though :(

    you cán change it, here's how:
    1= click on ''you'' above the submit bar
    2= go to the bottom
    3= there is an area that says this:

    If you'd prefer a different screen name than '[your name here]', you may change it here, or by emailing Consider carefully, as we can only let you change it one time!

    4= change your name

    I did that. The problem is I started of with a normal name. then i changed it but obviously I'm such an idiot i didn't notice i couldn't change it back