I was just going to add the new template to my original earring instructable, but I think these hearts deserve their own one.

Step 1: 6 Steps in One

Go to the original instructable at www.instructables.com/id/Daisy-and-Paisley-60s-Ear... and all the first steps are there.

This new template will give you earrings that can be as long as mine, longer, or wider.

This time I have used Sugru to attach the earring backs to the plastic - what a great improvement, the silicon makes them really comfortable.

If you make them, please take a photo and post it.

Step 2: Edit

A couple of months ago I ironed all of the plastic bags that I had collected, I don't believe in #mariekondo -ing ( I don't think it's good for creative people, I am going to #KeepMyStuff ) but I do have a Mother-of-Pearl of Wisdom; "A place for everything and everything in its place".

So I made these earrings with pre-ironed bags These earrings were made from bags that were about four layers thick, I cut the handles and the bottom off the bags and iron them, then fold in half and iron again, sometimes I keep going but not in this case.

<p>What did you use to make these? I like the textured effect.</p>
<p>These are made from ironed plastic bags - the detailed instructions are at www.instructables.com/id/Daisy-and-Paisley-60s-Earrings/ this instructable has a new template.</p>

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