This is my Valentines Day heart. It will enter the Valentine's day contest in 2011. Please vote when the time comes, comment , subscribe and rate.
How do you know that the 2011 Valentine's Day Contest will accept older entries?
Well yes i do know cos i have this instructable thats 2 yrs old and it has this add to contest button
But that just puts the instructable in a &quot;Moderation&quot; list. It doesn't guarantee entry into a contest. If the ible was created before the date of the contest, it will be rejected. The only exception was a book contest Ibles had about 2 years ago.<br><br>However, you could just start a new instructable, copy and paste the text and pictures from the old one, delete the old one, and publish the new copy, then enter that.
ok thanks did u rate?
not bad!
no prob

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