Valentines Day Nail Art





Introduction: Valentines Day Nail Art

I love to do nail art, and inspiration comes everywhere. Lately I have been obsessed with drawing hearts- they are so pretty! :P. One day I was stitting in my desk bored out of my mind and decided to do a little Valentines nail art (even though it was August). I hope you like this simple nail art tutorial!                :P

Step 1: Put on a Base Coat and Paint Your Nails Pink (or Red)

uh, the title is kinda self- explanitory. Dont paint you're ring finger- that's where the Heart will go. I used Insta-Dry Sonic Bloom.

Step 2: Making the Heart!

Get out you're big and little Dotting tools ( I will create an instructible for making one if you dont have them). You can subsitute a pencil eraser and a toothpick for this.
First make 2 dots with the big dotting tool (or eraser)
Then make a small dot with the toothpick in the middle, at the end.
Use The small toothpick to fill in the heart.

Step 3: Almost Done...

Then all you have to do is add a fast- drying top coat on top!

Step 4: Ok, Now You're Done.

Prepare to show off you're cute Valentines nail art to the world! :P



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Ok, Who did this for Valentines Day?!?! :P

Very cute and a great idea! :D

Aw! Thanks! BTW, what's that little hand thing under the comments? Are they bad???
I dont know too much about this site...

I'm not really sure what that is. Since you couldn't say anything before and it wasn't bad it might have just been a glitch on this site.

oh, thanks. :P im with my bff right now. see ya!