Picture of Valentine's Gift Box
Valentine's Day is right around the corner! So here's a pretty box to pack, with all sorts of nice goodies. Like homemade cookies, candies, and handmade gifts. The box can be made for other things, you can make it with our with out bow, I have a few I keep my craft supplies organized in.

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Step 1: Supplies



1 12x12 sheet double weighted card stock
1 6x6 inch square of coordinating card stock
scissors or paper cutter
bonefolder or old giftcard
*stickers, rhinestones, stamps [optional these are for decorating your box]

4 strips 12x1 card stock
4 strips 11x1 card stock
4 strips 10x1 card stock
1 five inch strip
2 buttons
alligator clip
1 ft thread or ribbon
hole punch

Step 2: Step 1 - The Box

Step 1 - The Box

Take the double weighted card stock and measure every four inches along the top, and mark it. You should have two marks. Then repeat until all sides of the paper marked and measured.  

Step 3: Step Two

Step Two

Now fold paper by matching the right side to the first mark you made on the left and then repeat with the left side. Use an old gift card or bonefolder to help get a flat crease. 

Then open the paper and rotate it and fold again, in the same method.  

Open up the paper again, you should have created a grid that's has 9 squares, each measuring 4x4.

Follow the photos below, for a clear diagram. 

Step 5: Step Four

Step Four

For every line you have drawn cut with scissors or paper cutter down exactly 4 inches. Repeat this until you cut along all four lines. 

**Do not cut the center square that's the base of of the box. 

You should now have 4 flaps.
Very nice! I like that you made the bow too. :)
ATatteredCanvas (author) 3 years ago
Thank you. I really think it adds a great touch. ^_^