Picture of Valentine's Heart Pinata (recycled style)
This is a tutorial on how to make a festive heart pinata out of recycled cardboard just in time for Valentine's Day!
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Step 1:

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Using any cardboard box around the house, remove the flaps on the top and bottom of the box. KEEP THESE! You will use them later.

Cut the box open then cut the walls into individual sections.

Step 2:

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Draw a heart on one of the sections and cut it out (we free-handed ours).

Using the heart you just cut, trace it on another section of cardboard. After it has been traced, cut it out. You should now have 2 hearts. These will be the front and back of your heart pinata.

Step 3:

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Remember the flaps we told you to keep? You will need to measure the width of your flaps and divide them in half (we divided our flaps at 4 3/4 inches because our flaps were 9 1/2 inches wide). Once measured, cut your flap down the middle giving you two pieces.

Roll your flap so that it will become more flexible. These flaps will become the walls of your pinata.

Step 4:

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Form the walls of the pinata by curving the flaps around the edge of the heart (you can't mess this up). Tape the flaps to the heart by using masking tape. This doesn't have to be pretty! You can tape it anywhere you want to hold it in place. It will be covered by foil later.

Once you have taped all of the flaps around the perimeter of the heart, grab your second cut out heart.

Step 5:

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Tape your second heart onto it, making the second heart the top layer. Again, this doesn't have to be pretty. Just tape it! ...HOORAY! You now have a pinata.

With the foil that you have (we ordered ours from dickblick.com) cut strips of it and fringe the strips.
doodlecraft2 years ago
Oh my goodness, I just saw this! I posted a similar thing too, I did a monogram, but said it would work great as a pinata! :) Yours is adorable, I'm adding this to my ever growing list of things to do for my daughter's birthday!
Awesome! I love pinatas!