Picture of Valentines Lap Quilt
Sewing machine
Embrodiary machine
Cutting board
Rotary cutter
Red,Pink,Red&White Heart material, Red&White Poke a Dot Material
Quilt batting
Measuring Tape
Iron & Iron Board

This lap quilt was made for my nieces husbands mother, who had a heart
transplant on 01-05-2014. I have never meet this lady but this was a gift
from my heart to hers. She was number one on the transplant list and
within two days she received a heart and as of this day she is doing great!
She received the Quilt on Valentines Day!
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Step 1:

First I ironed and pressed all the material
Then I cut 8 1/2 in. Squares out of the pink &  pink & white hearts
12 pink squares, 13 red & white heart squares
Next I laid them out on the floor starting with the heart squares then the pink
making a roll of five
Next was starting with the pink squares then the heart squares.
This was alternating until there was five rolls down.
Then I sewed each roll together

Step 2:

Picture of
Next I cut the red material into 2 1/2 in. Strips
Starting from the top roll working my way down
to the bottom roll, if the ends were to long I would 
trim them to match the end of the squares.
Next I added the sides of the red strips to the quilt.
I also trimmed the ends.