Introduction: Valentine's Nail Art

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We all know love is in the air, but now it can also be in your nails! This is a super easy nail design that is perfect to do if you're new at it. No big tools or skills required!

Step 1: We'll Be Using..

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Red nail polish

White nail polish

Transparent nail polish

Micropore surgical tape


Acetone and cotton swabs

Step 2: Red Nails

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Paint all your nails in red except for one. If your nail polish is not too thick give them two coats letting them dry between each.

Step 3: White Nail

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Paint the missing nail in white. This is going to be the nail where we're going to put our design. It has to be perfectly dry for it.

Step 4: Clean

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If you painted your skin by accident just grab a cotton swab, put some acetone on it and clean the borders of your nails.

Step 5: Heart!

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This is the fun part. Cut a piece of the micropore tape and put it in your hand. We make this because we don't want the glue of the tape to be too strong. Take it off your hand and fold it in half with the sticky side out. Cut a little heart shape with your scissors.

Step 6: Paint Design

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Place the tape with the heart in the white nail and make sure there are no bubbles in the borders of the heart.

Paint with the red nail polish on top of your tape and let it dry.

Step 7: Reveal!

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Take the tape off your nail to reveal your little heart. It makes a lot of contrast in the white base and stands out beautifully.

Step 8: Protect

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To make your design last longer apply one coat of the transparent nail polish.

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