Introduction: Origami Valentine's Opening Heart Card Holder

What You Will Need

1: A4 Sheet Of paper
2: Scissors

Step 1: When You Fold Push the Folds Down Properly

Make A Square (If You Dont Know How To, Go Here)
You Dont Need Double Side Paper Is Just Eaier For Me To Show You The Folds
Fold Diagonals And Unfold
Fold The Corners To The Middle Then Fold Top And Bottom Corners Out To The Edge
Fold The Sides In To The Middle
Spin 900
And Your Done
This Step!

Step 2: Don't Pinch Your Fingers When You Push Down!

Unfold To What It Shows In The First Photo
Fold The Top Flap Down 3/4 Of The Way
Then Fold Up As Shown (Third Photo)
Repeat On Other Side
Fold In Half So It Looks Like Fourth Photo

Step 3: Your Almost Done!

Fold Tip Down To The Line Then Fold The Edge To That Line (Second Photo) Repeat On Other Side
Fold The Flaps Out So It Look's Like Third Photo
You Are Not Done Yet!
Cut The Tops Down On Both Sides Then Fold The Flaps Back Underneath
You Are Done


eva_maree_dixon (author)2014-02-22

Sorry I was in the wrong completion well done

eva_maree_dixon (author)2014-02-22

What has this got to do with games!!!

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