Building on others' work, I came up with this little device to go and measure my heart rate. Now, I knew it was fitting to go and make a heart shape from LEDs and so, I did. Not having any template, I was quite clueless. A bit of experimentation led me to find a heart that seemed decent looking. I didn't have much time to draw up plans of any sort as I came up with this on the 13th. It turned out really good and quite successful. Some people even asked if the LEDs went faster along with my heart when I went by a person I liked :-)

Here it is.
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Step 2: Program.

Follow the guide here for setup.

Basically, set up an LED on digital pin 5 of the Arduino that goes to the ground pin as well. The sensor connects to positive 5 volts (or 3.3 volts if you changed it to work with 3.3 volts),ground and Analog 0.

Leave a comment if something doesn't work.
TobaTobias1 year ago
This is really cool, I can imagine an infinity of ideas. Connecting this via midi could make a great controller.