Valentines Wire Heart Earrings





Introduction: Valentines Wire Heart Earrings

These are easy and stylish Valentine's day earrings. Enjoy!

Step 1: Materials

What you'll need:

20 gauge silver wire

Silver earring hooks

Jewelry pliers

Two small pink beads

Two silver headpins

Step 2: Making the Heart

Cut a piece of wire about three inches long. Begin by shaping the top of the heart with your round nose pliers. With flat pliers, press the point in between the two rounded parts. Then, hold the two ends of the wire firmly and twist two to three times. Do not cut the extra wire.

Step 3: Extra Dangling Bead

Shape one of the pieces of wire into a small loop and twist the rest around the already twisted part to secure it. Cut off both of the extra wires. Now you should have a small loop at the bottom of the heart.

Place one of your beads onto a silver headpin. With your round nose pliers, shape a small loop above the bead and cut off the extra wire.

Step 4: Attaching to the Earring Hook

Open the loop of the headpin with the bead and place on the loop under the heart, and close the loop. To attach the heart to the earring hook, shape two jump rings with your wire and add them to the heart, one on each side of the heart. Then open the ring of the earring hook and put both rings onto the hook. Close the loop, and the earring is finished!


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Looks great! I'm glad you liked my instructable!

WOW!!! Those are sooo dang cute can't wait to try it!!!