Step 5: Add rope border to cake

If you have a sugarcraft gun,  then use the rope attachment to make the rope border.

If you do not, then roll out 3 narrow strips with the flat of your hands and twist the pieces  together. Don't worry if it doesn't go all the way around. You can do it in pieces and use a little water to 'glue' it together - it won't be noticeable.

Then 'glue' the strips on the cake with a  little water. Do a little strip of rope for the seam at the back. And you will also do this for the top of the cake when the time comes.
<p>I can't belive just how life-like the whole thing is!</p>
<p>Wow. I love it!</p>
Wow, what a cool idea! Nicely done! It looks too pretty to eat, haha :)
this is such a briliant idea =D
That is so sweet! That sounds oh so good! I don't think I've ever had sour cream fudge cake, but now I have to have it :)
Thanks! Oh, it is soo yummy... and be sure to try it with the strawberry kirsch whipped cream filling (it's included in the recipe)!
Optional Filling: Kirsh Cream with Strawberries <br> <br> <br>Actually - I forgot to add the filling- here it is: <br>250 ml. Heavy cream 250 g. chopped strawberries (about 1 &frac12; cups) <br>1 to 1 &frac12; tbsp. Kirsh cream or any other <br>fruit liquer. <br> <br>Beat cream until whipped. Fold in strawberries and liquer and fill cake. <br> <br>
ok - it's added into the recipe now... <br>

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