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Valentine's Coupon Book

Hi everyone!!!
So this tutorial is about making a scrapbook that you can give to your
It is easy to make and very affordable to do..

Here's what you will need:
different designer paper

whole puncher
and your imagination :3

Step 1:

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First step:
choose one designer paper of your choice
take a different type of designer paper and arrange it to whatever form your like

Step 2:

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step 2:
make sure that you do not glue the papers all the way to give it space
for a photo to be inserted...
the y should have gaps like these...

Step 3:

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step 3:

once that's done you can take another piece of paper that is shaped as square
place it below and trace it using pencil and draw a slanting line like this "/ "
and cut that line with a cutter...

do the same thing with the next 2 rows and it should be like the last picture

on the 3rd box i drew a two slanting lines and insert the picture... :3

erase what you traced so it would look clean...

in these three boxes you can put either pictures or messages you desire...

Step 4:

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the last step 2 designer paper and glue them together 

once glued... cut it in half
and punch the side using a whole puncher

Also punch the place where you're gonna put the paper...
this would be like a tiny book where you write your messages...

now take a ribbon and tie the paper together 
it should look like something like this..
and now it's finished :)

Thank you :)


Penolopy Bulnick (author)2013-02-12


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