Valerina Ballerinas!


Introduction: Valerina Ballerinas!

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I love to knit toys and I especially like knitting these ballerina dolls (I call them Valerina's because my name is Valerie!) They are knitted from a Jean Greenhowe pattern book called Mascot Dolls. at They are stuffed with fibre fill and knitted on 3 mm needles. Red Heart Yarn and various Lion Brand Yarns are great for knitting the dollies. I hope you like them!



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     Those ballerinas are FANTASTIC. 

    these are soooo cute!! I have not tried knitting dolls or toys but your pictures, and the fact that you have the pattern links are inspiring me.


    Nice work! The name Valerina caught my eye because my name is also Valerie and my little cousin (now a grown man) always called me Ballerina growing up because he couldn't say Valerie.:)

    Wow. Couple of questions: How long did this take you? Did you do this all by yourself? What pattern did you use? You said you were 5 when you started knitting. How long have you been at it? P.S. If I say something that makes you mad please don't be mad, I'm not trying to be unkind! :-)

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    Hello, Hello Kitty!
    These don't take long to knit - a couple of evenings after dinner, watching t.v. I made all these by myself and used a Jean Greenhowe pattern from her knitting booklet "Mascot Dolls", The ballerina is just one of the designs in the book. They are very easy to make, as Ms. Greenhowe's patterns are nearly all either garter stitch or stockinette stitch and her instructions are so easy to follow. Yes, I have been knitting since five years old, when I was sick in bed at Christmas. I don't mind you asking... Since I am now 64, you can do the math for me, as my brain hurts! These dolls are the only ones that I have ever sold - all the ones pictured went to good homes in the Peekskill area, via a little shop they have up there called The Coop!

    Very6 nice and creative!!! Loving the fact that you also have some Afro-American ballerina's in there also.

    Thanks for the nice comments. I love to knit! I have been knitting since I was five years old and was sick in bed at Christmas. My mother bought me a knitting set, and I have not stopped ever since! I especially like to knit toys and dolls and mostly give them away to relatives and my friends' children. The only things I have ever sold have been some of the Valerina dolls and a couple of baby afghans. After 911 I found it a great way to cope with what had happened here in New York, and I have knitted so many things since then that I have lost count!

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    I think that your valerina dolls are cute. Someday if I learn how to knit I'll look for this pattern. You have my vote. -- Christina, 9yrs old

    Those are so cute! I bet the kids love them. ;)

    Those are super cute! Knitting is great therapy, I have knitted my way through some hard times as well. Keep making the adorable dolls and making everyone happy! :-)

    Cute! I myself (a boy) wouldn't want one, but I bet many people would! That is a lot of dolls you knitted!