Valet Tray





Introduction: Valet Tray

Hunk of 8/4 walnut trued up and cut to blank size. Starting to route out the tray sections.

Step 1: Edge

Finished routing out tray sections. Added a spline of walnut into a blank for the sides. Cut them in such a way that the grain will wrap around the tray.

Step 2: Splines

Used a jig on the table saw to cut spline slots in the corners.

Step 3: Sanded

and ready for finish.

Step 4: Finished

A few coats of vinyl sealer sprayed on. Sanding with 320 in between. Thanks for looking y'all.



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    Hi Tim,

    Are you selling the tray?

    Thank you,


    That is absolutely beautiful. I am thinking of making these as part of a gift to the gentlemen in my wedding party. How big did you make the tray? And if you had to make it again would you change any dimensions?

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    Thank you. I think it's something like 7x20, but I can't remember at the moment. I just measured my wallet, and added about a half inch each way and just used that as the interior dimension for each section.

    Very nice. I think I'd just make some dados and put in dividers rather than use one think piece and remove all the wood. Nonetheless, the finished product is very elegant - old the inlay and splines!

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    Thanks. The reason I did it it that way was because I wanted the inside edges round like a bowl to make it easier to grab stuff like coins and what not. Plus I just like the way it looks.

    Very beautiful. Interesting you chose to make the base and dividers from a single billet - I wouldn't have thought of that, but it's a very clever and aesthetically pleasing approach. Thanks for sharing.