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Vallenis is a mix between two popular sports- tennis and volleyball. It was first played in Clearwater, Florida and has since spread all over the globe because of its ability to be played in almost any environment.

Step 1: Basic Rules And Playing Field

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Vallenis is played with a volleyball and can be played on most any surface. The difference between volleyball and Vallenis is that the ball can bounce once on the ground before being played by the player. The playing field is also much larger and can be played of the walls in a walled arena. This allows a vastly expanded form of volleyball. Vallenis can be played on the beach, but must be hard sand in order to acchieve appropriate bounce.
EasyToMake (author) 1 year ago
I don't see why not
dchall81 year ago
I really like the idea of playing off the wall. What about ceilings? Most indoor ceilings seem to be structural steel beams which deflect the ball every which way. But if you had a flat ceiling, seems like you could play off the ceiling, too.