Hi everyone! Unfortunately I lost the Valley view Park file so I have started to make another park. This one is called Valleyside park and I can assure you that it will be much better than valley view. I will only be posting updates on Instructables when there's a video to post. Otherwise you will have to follow it here. I'm using Atari forums because it's format is easier to post something like this. I will be trying to update every week so check it out often. I will also edit this Slideshow when there is a new update or a video. Please enjoy! This park will grow and become MUCH better. If there is anything you want to ask me feel free to ask. 
i know a cheat click on a randomize guy and change his name to: make me sick<br><br>
There are A LOT of cheats on this game :-I
Nice! Could you send me that custom scenery you used? It's really nice!
I transferred it to another acoount and lost it. I going to start using copies to keep it safe. What custom scenery do you want.
Naturally. :-)
*poke* lol
lol :-)
when will this end xD
The park or the smilees.
(\_/)<br>(&gt;.&lt;)<br>(&gt;//&quot;'u&quot;&quot;&quot;&quot;&quot;&quot;&quot;<br>(&quot; )( &quot;)
Ok we don't need to go on forever. How about we stop? :-)
Sure :3
easy 5*'s
Thank you. I'll take them. :-)
Where's all the coasters?!
It's a new park. Most parks don't start pout with a coaster. I will be working on realism but don't worry. The first coaster will be completed in the fifth update. I already have the first 15 updates planned out.
Why don't you just make it all instead of 15 updates
Because then people can see how a park develops and they become anxious to see new additions. :-) Check out the atari forums. Everyone does it.
How do i get on them
<a href="http://forums.atari.com/forumdisplay.php?f=401">here</a>.

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