Step 4: Pour and add the blood

Working very quickly, pour syrup onto the silicon baking sheets, forming circles (2 to 31/2 inches in diameter) and spacing pours about 3 inches apart - then press in lollipop sticks. I went very randomly - wherever there was space I made a lollipop.

The fun part:
With the red food coloring - squirt a few drops in to each lollipop (I would do one at a time to make it easier to work with), using one of the lollipop sticks drags the stick through some of the food coloring to get the desired look for the "blood". I add a few more drops to the blood coagulated look.
<p>I am not one to comment unless something goes really wrong or really right...this went really right!!!! I am reading the Harry Potter series with my kiddos and after every book we watch the movie. Tonight is book 3 movie night and I made this because they mentioned blood flavored lollipops in the book. They turned out perfect (not as good as yours and a little yellow because I used my raw sugar, but this was my first ever candy work so I am happy). I flavored them with 20 drops of my cinnamon essential oil right at the end, it added just a hint of flavor and I love it!! Thank you for helping me make our family time magical!</p>
<p>Hello!!!!!! OMG You just made my day!!! Thank you for being so awesome with your comment :) Yours look AMAZING!!!!!!! Harry Potter and a little magic in everyday life just makes the world a better place right :) </p>
vhere would you get a silicon baking sheet exactly? i tried this on wax paper... yeah didnt work exactly like i wanted. and i didnt do the drops of blood i put like 6 drops in the sugar as i stirred. but i think i should have put it in after now that i think about it.<br /> <br />
Wal-Mart has them. They are in the kitchen supplies, rolled up in a tube. The ones I have are called Silpat Mats.
You can get them online or at a local kitchen supply store. I often end up picking mine up at a local Bed, Bath, &amp; Beyond. They are pretty expensive but they are AWESOME for cooking on. Stuff doesn't stick to them at all and they are safe to really high temps!
you could use a marble slab.
C&ordm;, F&ordm; or K&ordm; ??? <br> <br>310 K&ordm; is less than needed. <br>310 C&ordm; is more than needed. <br>310 F&ordm; is the right one ?? <br> <br>:) :) :) <br> <br>an old world's inhabitant :)
dexter morgan lolly pops
parchment paper should work; wax paper will melt a little but parchment has a much higher temperature resistance.
&nbsp;<br /> Thanks!!!!! :) <br /> Silicon baking mats work the best - If you leave near a Bed Bath and Beyond they carry Silpat. I have not tried using anything else but the silicon mat. I highly recommend getting a candy thermometer too - it will take the guess work out of knowing when the sugar gets to the right degree!!!&nbsp; I would love to know how they turn out and take some pictures!!!!!<br /> <br /> Have fun !<br /> LIsa<br /> <br />
All I did is just let the red food coloring drop into the sugar and then it did its on thing on top - I believe at first it did set on the top of the sugar but once it became one ( ha! ) with the sugar it worked out fine. Let it harden completely before you pull it of the mat. <br /> <br /> I hope this works for you!!!!!!!!!!!! ENJOY!<br />
&nbsp;Hi I love these. I just got done and they're setting. BUT, not hardening. What should I do!? Please help!!!! I'm making them to take to the midnight show of New Moon&gt; ;) HELP! ;)
Do you have a candy thermometer - you really need to make sure that the sugar is between 300 - 320 degrees hard crack stage on the thermometer. I went to Kroger to pick one up when I made these lollipops. It was about 6.99<br /> It makes all the difference. <br />
Great idea! You got my vote!
Your hubby is such a doof!&nbsp; LOL.<br />
hello from richmond va..this is definitely a winner....we love this...bed bath and beyond friends
I LOVE&nbsp;this!!!
Thanks there Jill!!!!!!!! How's the couponing???<br />
<p>Great idea lancmaltby!</p>
I used concentrated hebiscus hurb&nbsp;sirup insted of&nbsp;red colore&nbsp;, its prty commen hear in egypt<br /> it did the job very well and gave the loly pop a very very cool ,unic and powrful tast and bloody natural colore
Those look so cool! I&nbsp;love them!<br /> Did you use any flavoring?&nbsp;
I messed this up twice :(<br /> <br /> First time it wouldn't set and the second time I burned the sugar stuff <br /> <br /> :(
Great 'ibble. I'm just unclear on one point. How do you squirt a few drops <strong>in to</strong> each lollipop? Hypodermic syringe? <br />
&nbsp;These are SOOO creepy! Thanks for the great instructable!
What colouring did you use (specifically)?<br /> <br /> L<br />
I just used straight red food coloring that you get at the grocery store. It comes in a pack with yellow green and blue.<br /> <br /> <br />
Thanks, I was interested as to whether it was Cochineal, Ponceau 4R, <span id="main" style="visibility: visible;"><span id="search" style="visibility: visible;">Brilliant Scarlet 4R etc.<br /> <br /> L<br /> </span></span>
How does it taste? i might make some tomorrow<br />
Well they are just plain sugar sweet unless you add some flavor oils like peppermint of spearmint. <br />
Noticed your views are a lil' low stil. Took the liberty of adding this to a couple of relevant groups like 'MaKe'. That should pull some more views in.
Thanks you awesome!<br />
Cool! Mmm i want to try it ^^<br />
They are very good - and they turn your mouth blood red!!!<br />
These are great!<br /> I wanted to make some clear suckers for Halloween, but I couldn't think of anything good to put in them but like candy corn.<br /> Well done.<br />
Thanks! <br />
Awesome I'ble! Clear instructions and one hellava effect. Those look terrific!! Well done.&nbsp;
thanks so much!<br />
molecular gastronomy on 'ibles? awesome<br />
Thanks!<br />

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